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Planning, set-up, and implementation are critical for the successful launch of any new technology.

When you purchase our products we become more than a vendor, we are a partner.

SOAR Solutions Plan


To successfully integrate software into any organization, you need a plan. We work with our customers to make sure there is one.

Here are just some things each plan considers.

  • Custom development road maps and milestones
  • Set short-term and long-term goals and targets
  • Phased approach  
  • Streamline and integrate with workflows and processes
  • Include company key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Integration and interface with other software platforms
  • Reporting and dashboard customization
  • Socialize with employees
  • Communicating to internal and external users
  • Launch plan


Set-up is as easy as one, two.

First, we create logins and permission levels for each user and skin with your logo. Second, we customize your client site to make sure the platform focuses on what is important to your operations.

No software to install. No plug-ins. No updates to run. No server to buy or set-up. No storeage requirements.

Just open a browser with an internet connection to login anytime, anywhere from any device.

We take care of the rest.

Driver APP or Data Support? We work with your administrative team to implement a detailed plan, download the app, and create a launch schedule.



Implementation and training is important to make sure all users are comfortable working in the software.

Each user is trained based on their permission level so they are comfortable and confident when using our operations management software.

  • Navigating the software features
  • Form layout and entry
  • Reporting and alert functions
  • Using the driver app hardware installation (for ELDs)

A wide range of training sessions is included with any purchase. We also offer customized and onsite training if you have more specific needs.

Contact SOAR Solutions for more information, to book training sessions or to discuss tailored training options.



Support is part of being your full-service partner. Once you are up and running, the SOAR Solutions team is available to answer any questions, modify forms and data schedules, and incorporate new reporting functionality as your process evolves.



We have a list of answers to general, technical and user experience frequently asked questions.

If your question is not on the list, please feel free to submit your question to our team.

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Our Customers

Our team is dedicated to our customers.

We understand their businesses are becoming more complex. Vehicles and equipment are highly sophisticated and continuously evolving. Government rules and regulations are increasing.

That’s why we created SOAR Solutions. So that our customers – big and small – are able to find more ways to streamline workflow, be more connected to their operations, and empower their business through information and technology.

Tailored and Flexible

SOAR Solutions can be integrated into any business with vehicles, equipment, drivers, or a safety program. We have built our system to adapt to your needs and tailored to your industry specs.

Our customers stay connected with an all-in-one operations management software application for: fleet management, equipment managementdriver e-logs and compliance, e-inspections, and safety management.

Industries Served

Your industry isn’t listed? No problem, we will adjust the forms and reports in your environment to meet your requirements.

Oil and Gas
Courier & Delivery
First Responders

Case Studies 

SOAR Solutions Assists Trucking Company to Create Robust Operations Management Tool

A trucking company implemented SOAR Solutions software and data support services to collect, track and store their vehicle and driver data. The collected information and reports are used to ensure compliance with government rules and regulations and find ways to operate their business more effectively and efficiently. Read More

Lubricants Manufacturer Partners with SOAR Solutions to Launch Company-Wide Safety and Compliance Standards

A national lubricant manufacturer and supplier integrated SOAR Solutions software and data support services into their compliance and safety process. The company expanded from collecting and storing data to adding robust tracking and reporting functionality and standardizing the program across all branches. With the ability to analyze their driver, vehicle, and safety program, the company has improved compliance rates, lowered costs, and has more information to create a safer workplace. Read More

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