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User Experience
Click to expand/collapseWhat training is offered by SOAR Solutions?
Click to expand/collapseHow does SOAR Solutions handle multiple branches, departments or sites?
Click to expand/collapseWhat data can be tracked in the SOAR Solutions software?
Click to expand/collapseCan the forms and reports functions in the software be modified for our company's processes and procedures?
Click to expand/collapseCan we integrate our existing company forms, processes and reports into the SOAR Solutions software?
Click to expand/collapseHow is data organized in the SOAR Solutions software program?
Click to expand/collapseWhat standard report functions are available?
Click to expand/collapseAre there dashboards, customizable reports and search functions?
Click to expand/collapseAre the reports and dashboards in the program able to be printed, exported or saved?
Click to expand/collapseCan my data be imported into and exported from the SOAR Solutions software program?
Click to expand/collapseAre users able to attach documents and images to records?


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