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Click to expand/collapseWhat system requirements and hardware will I need to use the software program?
Click to expand/collapseWhat does web-based software mean? Will I require a network, server, and IT support?
Click to expand/collapseDo customers need to download or install software to use the SOAR Solutions software program?
Click to expand/collapseCan SOAR Solutions be accessed from a remote location?
Click to expand/collapseDoes SOAR Solutions software work on a mobile device or tablet?
Click to expand/collapseIs SOAR Solutions software website secure?
Click to expand/collapseHow many user logins are included with each software level and can we create different permissions?
Click to expand/collapseIs SOAR Solutions compatible with other databases?
Click to expand/collapseWhat type of security is used to protect the data?
Click to expand/collapseWhere is my data stored and how often does SOAR Solutions perform backups?
Click to expand/collapseHow many years of data are stored?
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