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Social Responsibility

At SOAR Solutions, being a good corporate citizen is a priority. We are committed to our people, community and environment in a variety of ways. Our goal is to contribute 2% of our revenues annually to support our corporate social responsibility (CSR) program.

Our People

When we think about the people we serve, we think of our customers and our employees. They are the life of our business and we strive to make SOAR Solutions a company they believe in and they feel is supportive. Our mission and values are more than words; they are the basis of how we do business and how we operate.

Employee benefits are geared towards security and flexibility. We work hard to exceed the expectations of our customers and believe our team should be supported and rewarded. Some of the lifestyle perks the SOAR Solutions team enjoys are: employee assistance program, flexible hours to work around busy personal schedules, discounted yoga and gym memberships, one paid activity personal day a quarter for employees to enjoy their favorite sport or hobby, and a dog-friendly office.

Our Community

Contributing is important to our employees and is something we can stand behind as a team. SOAR Solutions has a matching program for employee monetary donations and our employees receive paid time for their volunteer service hours.

Our Environment

Impacting the environment takes on many forms both direct and indirect. Our paperless and wireless information flow serves a purpose beyond operational effectiveness and keeping people connected. It minimizes the environmental footprint of our customers. We take that same philosophy inside SOAR Solutions.

From a more indirect perspective, we believe that helping our customers build and integrate technology creates greater efficiencies and provides more information to make decisions. By improving their compliance and safety rates, accidents and downtimes can be reduced. SOAR Solutions is focused on helping customers improve upon their environmental footprint initiatives and reach their goals.


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